About Quindío

CAFÉ Quindío was born in 1992.  It is  located in the  aromatic heart of Colombia.in the  city of Armenia, Quindio. Here the best and softest coffee in the  world is produced, cultivated with care and dedication by farmers and country people in mountainous and high lands with the appropriate   height. It  produces  the  best cherries of its kind,  hand-collected,  benefited and  classified with  special  techniques;  they go to roasting at an optimal  temperature in order to highlight its softness, aroma and flavor, qualities  that  have  given us great prestige in the taste of café-experts.

We make products derived from café to offer different consuming options.To diffuse  and  to  train in the quality  principles on the  productive chain, our company has the CAFÉ-SCHOOL: “From the  cherry to  the cupWe  fulfill our social  responsibility through the alliances “CRAFTS AND CAFÉ and the support to “ASOCAFES”, an association for special cafés from  Genova, Quindio. We  work with  the  norm  NTC-ISO  9001:2008, Quality  Promotion System  awarded  by ICONTEC endorsed by IQNet.


Our franchises system is appropriately manualized and  standardized. The former together  with our experience  and  the  quality  of our  products guarantees the  success of this  business model

Café Shop

It is a format of stores and Café -Bars in which a great experience is offered, to drink café in delicious and exotic, cold  and hot beverages accompanied  by a fine pastry,  in  an  environment allusive to  the  origin of café and  the café culture. There you  might  be able to get our gourmet café , special cafés and products derived from café made by our enterprise,  as well as the souvenirs of the season.

Café School

The  experience  of CAFÉ QUINDIO  S.A.S. bond to the quality compromise and the culture of café is transmitted through the CAFÉ-SCHOOL led  by highly specialized staff.

Nodules about the  knowledge  of Café from the cultivation, benefit, the industry of threshing, of the  roasting, and the  basic cupping. Advanced  cupping  for special Colombian Cafés based on the protocols of the international norm (SCAA)  Espresso and  Latte arts.

Development of technical  skills on preparation of Café and  its diverse  uses.

The CAFÉ-SCHOOL QUINDIO S.A.S. works as an Institution  for the Work  and Human  Development, with training programs registered  in the secretary office for education  in Armenia.

For participants from other cities:

-Housing services


-Transport within the city

Crafts and Café

CAFÉ QUINDIO S.A.S. is an enterprise compromised with the social development, in an alliance with the National Institute for Learning Service (SENA in Spanish). It has developed a project that consists on the elaboration of craft packages made of natural biodegradable  fiber called GUASCA   (pseudo-stem of plantain).

They are made by Young Rural Entrepreneurs and are used to take products as gifts and souvenirs.

In this kind of program the SENA trains a population compounded by handicapped people, young poor people  without a chance of getting a good education ,nor the  chance  to  produce the  income  for them  or their families. CAFÉ QUINDIO S.A.S supports them in the commercialization.

That program is also foster with single raising mothers.

We work together for entrepreneurship and social capital.

Café Restaurant

Lounge  with terrace: To enjoy lunch, dinner or café afternoons and talk.

Salon for events: Capacity for 80 people, air-conditioning, audio and video beam.

A store for café products and  souvenirs. Gallery for the  exhibition  of  sowing,  harvest, benefit, roasting and  grinding of café, with  a video  about the  processing of café.

The gastronomic quality and the  beverage are proportional to  the  warmth of the  place.  The first depends on a  special  menu  with  a  variety of dishes,  some  with  coffee  as  an  ingredient prepared  by an  expert  Chef.

The  second one  depends on a highly technological -specialized  team in the handling with equipment, in the  preparation of each  cup, in the selection of the  beans and in the degree of roasting  and grinding.

The decorative details with wall paintings allusive to the café culture made  by  recognized painters of the region give  the place an identity and a special- environment feeling.

A place where tradition and the  “Ouindlo-like”  being are felt.

Special Cafés

In the mountains of the heart of COLOMBIA, in the  municipality of GENOVA QUINDIO there is a great  community,  COMPROMISED WITH  QUALITY  AND  THE  ENVIRONMENT, traditionally they have  worked with  honesty  and  dedication  in  the production  of  sustainable  coffee  and  from  origin, under the association  “ASOCAFES  FROM GENOVA”,  supported  by  the  MAJOR’S OFFICE from  the  municipality,  the  CHAMBER OF  COMMERCE  as the  managing-promoting Organization, and  the  MINISTRY OF  AGRICULTURE  with  the program Productive Alliances; entities that with ethical  and  social  criterion  have  contributed  to the   production  of  ARABIGA variety of café, with a profile of special  cup.

Our enterprise CAFÉ QUINDIO S.A.S.  supports the commercialization paying an additional price(called “prirna” in Spanish)for special coffee and transferring a percentage of the  earned utilities(profit)  in  the  sale of each  roasted  coffee  to  the fund:  ASOCAFES.  This percentage of the  added value comes  directly to the  farmer.

Cup’s  Profile

Fruitlike  and  balanced:This  Arabiga  has  a fine acidity with  sweet touches.

Body:Balanced. Aroma: Pronounced. Flavor: Intense.

Cultivation: Cultivated on a height between ieoom and iooom above sea-level by small café-growers, hand-collected and treated  with wet method.

Our Products From Café Quindío

Café Quindio Gourmet

Coffee Quindio Gourmet

Made with EXCELSO Coffee from Colobmia, Selected from  the café farms located in the mountainous zones Quindio. Becau• se of its origins the altitude of cultivation at more than 1.600 m above sea-level  are characterized by:

  • Its softness
  • Natural Acidity
  • And Intense Aroma.

The process  of elaboration with the technology and the appropriate packaging keeps  its propertices.



80g. –  250g. – 500g. – 2500g.

Café Especial de Origen Genova

Specialty coffee origin Genova

This café is grow in the mountains of the heart of Colombia  in Genova -Quindio at a height of 1.550mts a 1.900mts  above sea-level  by  the  association  ASOCAFES. It  is a community, committee with the biodiversity and the protection of the environment.  Because of the microclimatic, agrological and socio-cultural conditions of the growing, it is a high quality café with special characteristics in its  taste and aroma.

Cup Profile:

Aroma: Pronounced.

Body: High and balanced.

Flavor: Intense.

Acidity: Fine with sweet notes.



80g. – 340g.


Café Consumo Superior

Superior Consumption Coffee

The aroma, the freshness and the balance of the flavor of cup of CAFÉ QUINDO is obtained because it is produced with selected beans from the café farms from QUINDO, traditionally café deportment (region).



80g. – 125g. – 250g. – 500g. – 2500g

Café Instantaneo

Instant Coffee


  • Balanced flavor and pronounced aroma.
  • High consistency and softness.
  • High performance in the preparation.

Porcessed under demanding quality-standards.

packaged in glass-Bottles, sealed with aluminium-liner  to guarantee its preservation.





Cafecitas Galletas con Café

Coffee Cookies

Elaborated with ingredients and the best coffee in order to get a flavor with no equal.

Its  packaging keeps them fresh and crispy.

Its café bean   shape  makes  them  exclusive  and special to accompany a cappuccino, a cup of café, ice-cream and to prepare desserts.



35g. display per 8 units  100g. – 200g.

Merenguitos con Café y Macadamia

Merenguitos" with coffee and macadamia

The perfect combination of café and the macadamia nut.

Soft and crispy texture.

Hermetic its quality.



15g. display per 8 units  50g.


Arequipe con Café

Arequipe (milk-made dessert) with coffee

Produced  under high quality standards and selected raw material. Its flavor and softness make  it special for its use in pastry or sauce for ice cream.



40g – 50g.  Kit per 6 units 230g. – 300g.  – 450g.

Mermelada con mora y Café

Black berry coffee marmalade

Made of 100% fruit pulp natural, and with Café Quindio Gourmet.

No preservatives, No flavorings, 0% fat and 0% soudium.

Its balanced mixture of flavors make it appetizing for the consumption on the table, pastries, ice-cream and sauce for meat.



40g. –  150g. – 300g.




Coff-beans, reasted and covered with chocolate.

The mixture of aroma and the flavor our café and fine chocolate.




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