Finca Calle Larga, a story of love, perseverance and tenacity born in 1903, when Bruno Gutiérrez, born in Antioquia, reaches the sidewalk Calle Larga, municipality of Calarca, Quindio, a place famous for its fertility, beauty and harmony, a land where the legend that who pass by there would be blessed with the gift of being and make others happy, where sadness could never penetrate.

In this land, for over 100 years products using traditional methods, which not only bring the magic and delight of their quality, flavor and aroma are grown, but also the transfer of the values that were produced. Each cup of coffee you enjoy, brings elements that have been fundamental, growth under the shade of a banana tree or huge trees, fertility of its soil and the freshness of fruit, obtaining a wonderful quality and narrating thousand stories of peasants that have joined the elements of mother earth with their core values.

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